Exotic Escape Spa & Salon - Testimonials - Davenport, IA
Exotic Escape Spa & Salon - Escape at Exotic Escape Day Spa!

"The 25 minute stress release massage is my favorite because it focuses on my
back, neck, and shoulders.   The type of work I do causes a lot of stress and
muscle tension, so this type of focus is just what I need."
H. Scott

"The full body massage was fantastic. They let you choose certain focus points on your body that need special attention. The massage table and pillows are extremely comfortable. It is real easy to get relaxed with the warm blankets and soothing music. I definately recommend Exotic Day spa to everyone looking for a great, total relaxing massage!"
"Their massages are reasonably priced. Very professional setting and a great way to relax. Lindsey has been my favorite so far!"
" Does great up to date hairstyles. Worth your money! Enjoy everytime I see her!" 
Rebecca P.                                                                                                
"I visit Exotic Escape Day Spa  almost once a week. I thoroughly
enjoy their reflexology treatments! I can feel a difference immediately after my
massages. The staff at Exotic Day spa are top notch and ultra professional!
I highly recommend Exotic Day Spa."
J.  Koning
"I trust Exotic Escape to make me summer and winter ready!!!"
Hope M.
"This place is wonderful for stress relief. The full body massage by Lindsey is outstanding. Treat yourself, today!"
 T. Hutchinson
"Amanda gives an amazing massage!"
Tim C.
"You've got to try the four handed massage, its awesome! Truly unique experience."
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